Torsten Toto Joy aka Toto is a Visionary Entrepreneur, Value Investor and Sovereign Man.

A Better World starts with a Better MeTorsten Toto Joy

I have traveled, worked and lived in more than 30 countries over the past 4 years. Most of this time I spent in Africa and around inspiring Entrepreneurs. Mentorship, adventures and life-changing experiences molded my optimistic, open-minded personality and taught me priceless life, social and business skills.

Out of my passion to help others I founded the Better Me Foundation. An innovative non-profit organization run by volunteers, that receives international attention for the development and construction of “Africa’s First Sustainable Volunteer Dome Home” as well as our self-development experiences program to support 250+ children in western Kenya.

To inspire others who feel stuck in life I started The Toto Experience podcast where I dig deep into inspiring minds of thought leaders, purpose driven entrepreneurs, value investors, health experts and change-makers to find the golden nuggets, tools, tips and tricks that listeners can use.

And if that’s not enough and you are really keen to dig deeper into my mind, feel free to have a look at my Personal Blog. It’s my blank canvas where I’m able to release and offload my thoughts. Sometimes I post even a few times daily. Note that it’s meant for none but myself.

Quick Biography:

I started following my dreams back in 2012. I had a safe and well paid job in the oil industry, a beautiful apartment and a brand new car. My life was in order. But something was missing. A six week backpacking trip to Thailand gave me the final push to pursue my dreams. Back in Germany I made my decision to leave for an ever lasting life of love, happiness and freedom.


And this kind of stuff is what happened next:

I couch surfed in a dodgy area in Nairobi, lived in a children’s home for two month and climbed a volcano in Uganda, got arrested on the border of DR Congo, traveled a whole day sitting on potatoes in Rwanda, climbed the 4562m Mt Meru and traveled three days on a 100 year old German cargo ship in Tanzania, swam with dolphins in Zanzibar, spent Christmas on the beaches of Lake Malawi, surfed and dived with manta rays in Mozambique, became construction manager for a pilot biogas project to protect the Victoria Falls and camped under the stars living with elephants, hippos and other wildlife for 6 month in Zambia, climbed into the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, got lost in a salt desert and found lions at night in Botswana, worked as a tour guide in Botswana, planted trees and organized events in Cape Town, road tripped the South African coast, climbed the highest mountain in the indian ocean on Reunion Island, lived in the rainforest with moslems to build a recycled mosque on a tropical island, learned photography and surfed beautiful places in Malaysia, felt to poor to stay long in Singapore, swam in picturesque waterfalls and dived with really weird creatures and sharks in the Philippines, sneaked into luxury hotels and explored the stunning rice terraces in Vietnam, spent two days on a boat in Laos, started my first business and became an location independent entrepreneur in Chiang Mai in Thailand, dived into the entrepreneur lifestyle scene and road tripped the southwest U.S., experienced the most amazing magical forest wedding and connected with inspiring people in Cape Town, co-founded Cheap Trip BIG Impact, now called Better Me Foundation, and hitch-hiked from South Africa to Kenya to raise funds, developed and constructed Africa’s First Sustainable Dome Home in Kenya, met incredible people who changed my life at the Sovereign Academy in Lithuania, hitch-hiked and fundraised through Latvia, Estonia and Poland, became a little star in Italy and went on national TV in a pink studio, felt like on the moon on Mt. Teide on Tenerife, got arrested for fundraising without work permit in Kenya, was completely blown away by the pyramids and temples of Egypt, connected with startups in Hong Kong, risk my life on a mountain and trained Gracie Jiu Jitsu in China.

During this time I’ve become a very conscious and caring human being. That what I was looking for out in the world, was within me all the time. I realized that life is about all of us and best understood in silence. We are all part of something bigger and it is on us to turn this human experience in something beautiful and fulfilling by balancing selfishness and selflessness.

An average human looks without seeing, listens without hearing, touches without feeling, eats without tasting, moves without physical awareness, inhales without awareness of odour or fragrance, and talks without thinking. Leonardo da Vinci




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