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You want to be wealthy? You want to leave the 9-5 rat race and live the good life? Then this is for you.

It seems to be something most of us keep struggling with. I did for a long time. But now that I’m on the right track I wanted to share my experience and thought process with you.

Scarcity: The state of being scarce or in short supply; shortage.Google

Most people living a middle and lower class life feel that money is always short. Even if your boss decides to increase your salary, somehow the money left at the end of the month is still the same.

Something that happens very commonly: The more you earn, the more you spent.

And it makes sense. You want to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. But be careful to choose the fruits wisely.

Todays consumption based economy is build to convince you to buy new things all the time. On an average day we are bombarded with about 2000 different advertisings. All perfectly designed to manipulate your subconscious to make you feel you need or deserve the advertised products.

And here I’d like to challenge your thinking.

Think back, last month, what products did you buy and what long-term benefits did it bring into your life? Now think back even further, last year. What products did you spent your hard earned cash on and got long-term pleasure in return?

Most things we spent our money on are short-lived. Like chocolate. A short rush of happiness but then it’s gone and with it the hard earned money.

Like this you will have to continue the rat race for ever. Earn money, spent it on short term pleasure, earn money, short term pleasure… you get my point.

Why not invest into something lasting. Like Warren Buffet says: Forgo present pleasure for long-term pleasure.

The key to a better life is investing. 

And it starts with investing into your mind. Even if the entire world’s economy collapses, your mind will still be yours and what you invested in it will still be there.

The Rich and the Poor
One of the big differences between rich and poor people is that rich people continuously invest money and time into themselves while poor people spent their money on short-term pleasure and rather useless materialistic things.

You see, wealth is not a one way road. The faster you become wealthy the more likely it is you will loose it all very quickly. Like Micheal Jackson. He had no idea about money. He was an artist and even though he was worth 300 million dollars on one point, he died broke.

Invest into your mind. Read books. Especially biographies of highly successful people like Sam Walton, George Washington, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet and so on.

You want to learn from the best.

If you want to live the good life in the long run, you have to feed your mind. Your brain is just like any other muscle and needs stimulation every day. Train it. Make it your number one investment.

Another thing that differs the rich from the poor is their perception of value. You can buy a lot of things in life with money but one thing you definitely can’t buy is TIME. 

Even if you loose all your money, you still have time. But if you loose all your time… you have nothing left.

Good artist copy, the best artist stealPicasso

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Someone did that already for you!

Learn from the best, from their experiences, from their failures.

Failures are a great way to learn but it doesn’t have to be your own failures.

If I have been able to look further than others it’s because I was staying on the shoulders of giants Isaac Newton


  • Invest into yourself
  • Grow your knowledge continuously
  • Be stingy with your time rather than your money
  • Forgo the present for future benefits

If there is one thing every human was given the same, then it’s time. Use it wisely.

Be the architect of your own future.

Imagine yourself being 90 years old and think back of your past life. Think about what really made an impact on your life and realize all the things you just wasted time and money on.

Luckily you are now in the position to change this imagined “past” because it’s still your future.

Take action: Sit down and find out what you have been spending money on that doesn’t bring you any long-term benefit and reduce it. Cut down your short-term pleasure expenses and invest the money into yourself for the long run.

There is no shortcut to success.

Buy books, courses and go to seminars that teach you things that you would need years to learn yourself. Especially in finance and health.

If you want to be wealthy and live the good life, do what wealthy people who live the good life do or did. Invest in yourself. Invest into your mind.

The more you learn, the more you earn.

Till next time,

Torsten Kremser

PS: I put my money where my mouth is and just invested $2.500,00 into myself. Join my inner circle email list for more details.

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