TTE011: Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Pioneer, Better Me Boardgame and Solution Based Thinking with Dan O’Donnell

Today’s guest is Dan O’Donnell. He’s been an entrepreneur since he was young and became one of the pioneers of the digital nomad movement in Thailand. He started the Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Facebook Group which by now has over 10.000 members as well as the Positive Thinking Facebook Page with over One Million likes. With his passion for self development mixed with his entrepreneurial instinct he went down the road less traveled and created a self-development board game called Better Me – The Game of Growth. Today the game is becoming more and more successful by the day but the journey to reach this point was troublesome and filled with failures which I like to call lessons. Despite that we also talk about positive and solution based thinking, being prepared for the worst case, from dreaming to taking action and learning from other peoples mistakes. I really enjoyed this talk and learned a lot and I hope you will enjoy it too.

06:00 Chiang Mai Community
10:00 Give Value First to find Mentors
17:00 Better Me Board Game
30:00 Using the Game to acquire clients
46:00 Taking the right kind of risks
52:00 The book: Alchemist
1:05:00 Positive Thinking and you don’t know what you don’t know
1:07:00 Be prepared
1:16:00 Taking action
1:20:00 Learning from the best
1:25:00 Learn from other peoples mistakes



Dan O’Donnell

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Tai Lopez 67 Steps

Chiang Mai Digital Nomads:

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