TTE 005: DMT, Pineal Gland, Spirituality, Meaningful Life and Morality with Actor Cai Bridgen

Cai Bridgen is an actor, a film writer, a video blogger and a very deep feeling and thoughtful soul. Our paths crossed just a few weeks ago here in Dali, China and right from the first moment I could feel his very interesting energy. Once I got to know him closer I couldn’t wait to have him on the show. But Little did I know HOW interesting this episode would become. We talked about his passion for acting and quickly diverted into the depths of today’s society, spiritual experiences with mushrooms and DMT, the pineal gland, anomalies in our history ranging back to the last ice age, the great flood and lost civilizations, realization and meaning of life, quantum mechanics, materializing your dreams and morality. I enjoyed this conversation so much that we went way over time but if you are interested in those topics, I promise you it is worth it.


13:45 Book Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
15:00 Life as an Actor
19:00 Move forward no matter what
23:30 Money, Greed and Consumerism
25:30 Pineal Gland/ DMT
27:00 Mushroom Experience
33:00 Human Evolution
34:00 Lost Civilizations – Graham Hancock
53:45 Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP)
1:00:00 Overcoming your Fear


Cai Bridgen Adventure YouTube Channel:

Book: Magicians of the Gods – Graham Hancock:

Book: Meditations – Marcus Aurelius:

Book/ Audio: Tony Robbins:


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