A healthy diet – Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw ?

Looking at all the information available regarding diets is overwhelming and confusing. There are lot’s of different aspects to think about when decided for a certain diet. Today I want to tell you what my thoughts on all this are and how I decided for myself what I want my life to look like. I’m saying life because your diet is a massive part of your life.

First of all I looked at what is the right thing to do. There are few very obvious things we all know about but not many act on it.


I definitely want to avoid factory meat

The factory meat production uses thousands of tons of antibiotics to keep the animals alive under horrible conditions. It’s very obvious when you eat such meat, you eat all this chemicals and antibiotics with it. Despite that you also eat the stress hormones that animals release under such conditions as well as the negative energy of those poorly treated animals.

Organic Grass-Fed

Organic grass-fed meat on the other side should’ve none of those negative ingredients. Now it’s arguably if red meat itself is good or bad for you. I think both sides have good arguments and one has to decide for oneself.

But is it the right thing to eat meat?

Looking at it from the philosophical perspective many argue that eating animals is “barbaric” since they are living beings and humans are a highly developed species. Though, not sure how highly developed we are if one just looks at the condition our world is in today. Nevertheless it’s a good point and one should think for oneself about it and decide if it’s right or wrong. My take on this is as follows. Nature has created a food chain throughout evolution and we are on top of it. Cat’s eat mice, wales eat smaller fish, lions eat gazelles and so on. You get my point. At the end you find humans eat most of them. If the animals live naturally and happy and get killed without suffering I don’t see the reason why we shouldn’t eat them. Personally I enjoy eating game meat from wild animals the most and I feel it’s the most human way to source meat. I know I’ll probably get a lot of arguments about all this but this is my opinion right now. Of course my opinion is subject to change as I continue living and learning.

But what about the environment

Yes you are right. The beef industry is destroying our rainforests in a terrifying scale and I personally don’t eat any beef anymore. Cows need enormous amounts of fresh water and grassland and thus every gram of beef has a terrible impact on our environment. If our planets population was much smaller and we would’ve sufficient natural space for them, I probably would eat beef. But at the current stage and for the sake of our future I decided not to eat beef anymore.

Pork and Chicken

I like chicken but again, it has to come from an healthy environment. The factory chicken production is even more terrifying than the beef production. Pork is also a difficult candidate. Many religions around the world don’t eat pork and I understand why. It’s gens are extremely close to human gens and thus the transfer of diseases can happen easily. This for me is reason enough to stay away from it, if I’m not completely sure where the meat comes from.


I won’t say I’m Vegan nor Vegetarian. But I can say that I don’t need meat. I don’t crave for it and I don’t order nor buy it if possible. But since I’m not yet living a life of abundance where I can afford the perfect lifestyle I’ve to adjust when needed. Especially when traveling around the world I often get in places where vegetables are scarce and I’ve to go for something with meat. This is one of the reasons I’m working towards financial freedom. I want to live the life I want.


Chemicals in Veggies

Vegetables are definitely my favorite food when it comes to feeling the healthiness. Sad reality though is that most vegetables have been contaminated and maybe even genetically modified. If it’s a choice between no veggies or polluted veggies I would still go for the polluted veggies in the hope that the health benefits are neutralizing the downsides of chemicals. I’m saying this because in many places in the world you won’t find organic vegetables. So wash them throughly and hope for the best.

Organic Veggies

That’s a no-brainer. I would eat them all right on spot! And I mean all. But I have a special weakness for leafy greens and broccoli. Just love feeling the healthiness I’m putting into my body.


I love nuts and many of them have incredible health benefits. There is plenty of information available and I’m not going into detail now. You can see what my personal favorites are right now in my current diet just below.


I try to stay away from it. There is too much shit in it and lot’s of evidence suggests that it has acidic impact on our system and actually doesn’t give us any calcium but our bodies actually loose calcium by trying to balance the acidity.


I love cheese. I’m not eating in daily, not even weekly at the moment but once in a while I would go for it. I know I just said there’s lot’s of shit in milk but hey what’s a life without cheese. Ideally I would have only organic grass-fed cheese of course.


If the chickens live healthy like ours in Kenya, why not. Free range and organic is the key for me. But again, out here traveling I don’t have the choice.

Refined Sugar

Kills you. Stay away from it. (Natural sugar in fruits is a different story. Especially eating whole fruits, instead of juices, provides all in ingredients for a perfect balance of blood sugar)


I personally reduce it as much as possible but I love good bread so I won’t restrict myself. Though if available and if the wallet allows, there are great gluten free breads and bakeries. Your body can and does handle gluten but I like to save my body such extra efforts as much as possible/ plausible.


I love fruits as much as I love vegetables. But overeating on one thing, like with everything, will cause an imbalance. For me a great variety/ balance is the key.


I honestly don’t know much about it but from what I know it’s healthy as long as it’s sugar free like greek yogurt. The active bacterias have a positive impact on your digestive health and some have even more so called probiotics.

Raw Food

Yes bring it on! I love eating raw and I wish I would’ve a restaurant around here. The one thing that always comes into my mind is this avocado/ almond cheese cake I ate in South Africa. It was an explosion of yumminess in my mouth and.. right now I’m getting a watery mouth. So delicious!!


The Community

Almost a religion. And I heard there are lot’s of arguments within the community itself. I take it rather easy. Like I said everyone should decide for oneself. My reasons to live partly vegan are the obvious environmental and health benefits of staying away from factory meat and the amazing healthy food you can make.

My current diet

Right now I’m in Dali, China. Luckily in a place where I can eat Vegan and Vegetarian easily. I also have great access to fresh fruits and plenty of different nuts.


Very simple. I don’t want to drain my body in the morning but give it energy. Something easy to digest. I decided for 2 mangos and a banana.


After 2,5 hours of training (Yoga, Jiu Jitsu and exercise) I’m hungry and fruits alone didn’t do it. I also felt that my body needs protein to build muscles. So I’m eating a bowl of sliced banana, hemp seeds, dried goji berries, dried blueberries, raisins, dried figs, cashew nuts, peanuts and almonds.

My Daily Lunch in Dali, China


Luckily there is an Organic Vegan Buffet just down the road at a monastery. I’ll eat there almost daily for dinner and it cost less than $1. This is the only big meal everyday and it allows my body to concentrate on healing and detoxing for most parts of the day.


As you can see I do live Vegan at the moment and I enjoy it. But if we go for a pizza once in a couple of weeks I wouldn’t say no to cheese. Though I would order a vegetarian pizza.

And if someone would invite me to eat game meat from the mountains I would say yes. Though I doubt there is much game here in China. (read here why I am in China) But in South Africa there is plenty and I love it.

I guess one could say my diet is based on consciousness. I am conscious about what I eat but I don’t restrict myself into a certain category. I just want to eat good and healthy food while leaving our planet healthy too. Also because I’m traveling and my finances aren’t solid yet I’ve to adjust as I go.

For me the secret to life and happiness is balance. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the read. I’ll discuss this further in future podcasts.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Till next time,


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