How and Why I started my Podcast

I need to say I feel pretty accomplished now that my podcast is all over the place available.

The idea of starting a podcast was already stuck in my mind since November 2014 and I actually put it on my short-term goal list in December the same year.

But because my life took me on a different path in January 2015, I failed to achieve this goal for a quite long time.

Instead I build a non-profit organization in Kenya called Cheap Trip – Big Impact which made me accomplish complete new goals and successes of which I’m very proud of.

Nevertheless the idea of having my own podcast stuck with me.

And now that I’ve a team in Kenya I was able to free myself from the time consuming groundwork and take quality time off for myself.

That’s why I’m in China right now. I wanted to take care of my other, even bigger, ideas and dreams. And the podcast seemed to be a great place to start with.

And indeed it was the perfect project to start with! I’m actually SUPER happy that I did it. It’s so much fun and I’m really looking forward to continue talking to interesting and inspiring personalities about topics that excite me.

Such topics are racing from health, fitness, diet, nutrition, money, entrepreneurship, finance, investment, global politics to spirituality, consciousness and freedom.

To start a podcast was actually much simpler than I thought. Like most new things it has a steep learning curve but if you are keen to do it you’ll learn quick.

Here is what I went through to get things going:

  1. Get a good microphone and learn how to use it
  2. Learn how to use GarageBand for recording (Mac) or Audacity (Windows and Mac)
  3. Build a website and integrate a podcast plugin (PowerPress)
  4. Learn how and where to upload your podcast (Libsyn)
  5. Get or make an Artwork and a Show Intro and Outro
  6. Record your first podcast, check quality and fine tune it
  7. I use to enhance the audio quality like a post production
  8. Add meta data to the finished file
  9. Upload your podcast to or any other podcast host
  10. Publish your podcast on your website and fine tune the feed
  11. Sign Up for iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and other platforms to submit your feed
  12. Spread the word and enjoy! 🙂

That might sound like a lot depending on how good you are with the internet but generally it’s quite easy and there are great videos on youtube that explain everything.

And that’s it.

What did I learn from this? Well, always do what you dream of. Once you take action you realize that most ideas and dreams aren’t that far of nor complicated as they might seem from the outside.

The secret is to start walking towards your dreams. No matter what.

Till next time,



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