TTE 003: Life abroad as Digital Nomad Couple and Manifestation of Dreams with Gloria Ruiz and Diego Guzman

Gloria Ruiz from the U.S. and Diego Guzman from Venezuela. Together their are the artists behind the Cafe con Leche Abroad YouTube channel. They have been together for more than 2 years and are living a life on the road as digital nomads.

Diego is from Venezuela and tells us about the challenges the country is currently facing. How he came to the US and met Gloria. The graphic design work they are doing which pays for their travels. The incredible video blog their are running. The challenges and rewards of traveling as a couple. Their upcoming marriage in HongKong and the very interesting reasons behind it. What their parents are thinking about all this. We also talk about their future plans and planned travels to Egypt. The fascinating facts about the pyramids and other ancient structure around the world. The lost history of our world. The brainwashing of the so called educational systems. Traveling as a mind-opening experience. Spiritual experiences and manifestations of dreams. And our lives without worries nor fears.

Show Notes

  • 04:00 How did you end up in China
  • 06:00 From Venezuela to the U.S.
  • 07:00 Situation in Venezuela
  • 11:00 Diegos mustache
  • 12:45 Digital Nomad. How did you Start?
  • 17:00 Next stop Hong Kong to get married
  • 17:45 Advice: Travel as a couple!
  • 21:00 What do your parents thing
  • 26:00 Why get married abroad
  • 30:30 Everyday is a Honeymoon
  • 31:00 Egypt and the hidden secrets of the Pyramids
  • 38:00 Traces of humanity could disappear within hundreds of years
  • 41:00 Discovery of Mayan city by studying the stars
  • 43:00 Faked history
  • 44:00 Traveling to see the truth
  • 46:00 The rat race
  • 48:00 Human survival instinct
  • 49:45 Traveling is character forming
  • 50:00 Stereotypes
  • 51:15 Beautiful Iraq
  • 54:00 Manifestation of dreams
  • 56:30 Positive thinking. Being okay financially.
  • 58:30 Law of manifestations. How it works.
  • 1:00:00 Go out and travel


Documentary: The world without humans

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