My Plan to Achieve Physical, Mental and Financial Freedom

Figuring out what I want from life turns out to be quite a big challenge.

I’m right in Dali, China. I’ve a wonderful rooftop studio with panorama windows on the east and west side of my room. This allows me to watch a stunning sunrise every morning while looking at the beautiful mountains on the other side.

The lifestyle here surly is great but only up to a certain point. Something is missing and this something is what I’ve been looking for all the way since almost 2 years.

It’s something that makes me wake up every morning full of energy. It’s something that challenges me. That excited me. Something that pushes me to learn fast, to adjust, to stay on top of the game. That something is a scalable business.

My network of friends has grown immensely since I started to dive into the entrepreneurial scene. Many of whom have become fairly successful with a few who are rocking the game. We are talking about 5 to 6 figures of net income every month. It’s mind blowing.

While they have spent most of the last 12 month doing business, I’ve been busy building my non-profit project ( in Kenya. It’s been an incredible experience and I’m very proud of our achievements.

The experience I got out of it made me even more confident in business terms. It was almost like running a startup. A lot of work. 16 hour days. Countless problems and challenges. But it was all worth it.

Today my team has grown to 4 and after almost 17 month we are about to get into more calm waters.

I’m tremendously proud and happy to have found such a great team and I believe that building a business isn’t much different from what I’ve got to experience. Basically it is a business without profit.

But now the time has come to work and concentrate on my own future.

My lifestyle over the past 4 years has been very “low-cost”, though I’ve had the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful parts of our planet.

31 countries later I’m now reaching the point where I want to level up my lifestyle. I don’t want that money is making any terms in my future anymore. I want to do what ever I want and whenever I want, without having to think a second about the cost.

At the same time this will enable me to give back in completely new ways. As many of you might know, I am very concerned about our all future. Humanity is facing some serious challenges and I want to do what ever I can to help us all get through. At the end it is also my own future and the future of my loved ones and future family and I want to leave them in a better world.

I need to admit that my mind is still a mess and that I have to take the time to get my goals crystal clear. It’s only then that I will be able to work towards them.

I know exactly how this works. Back in Kenya I saw the future in my imagination before I manifested it. Looking at the progress now it almost feels like a deja vu. As if I’ve seen this reality already before it was reality.

This is the exact way I believe everyone of us can realize our dreams. But we have to get crystal clear on what we want to achieve.

You know what, let me take the time right now to lay out a first plan for my future. Once I write the following down, I will be able to work on the details. The first step is always writing it down. Though you have to write it down on paper. There is connection between your hand writing and your subconscious that is deeper than writing on the laptop.

My Goal is Ultimate Freedom: The ability to do what I want, when I want, where I want.


My current plan looks like this:

Keep networking. Surround yourself with like-minded, interesting, inspiring and successful people. Listen and learn about their experiences and lifestyles. Many successful entrepreneurs live also very healthy and conscious. Lot’s to learn just by surrounding yourself with those kind of people.

For me this means to visit and live in places like Chiang Mai in Thailand, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam and Medellin in Colombia. Maybe even San Francisco?

Next, figure out what you want. So far I nailed down my options to Cashflow business, Scalable business and/ or Investment. The fine-tuning and a flood of ideas will likely come as soon as I dive in the networks mentioned above.

For now I love the idea of real-estate investment and I do have cash available to start out with (most of the investment money comes from investors/ banks anyways).

Nevertheless I might just start with a pure cashflow business. That means I will find a market where there is an existing need for a certain product, where there is competition, and I will start serving that market and get a slice of the cashflow. This would be nothing I’m specifically passionate about. It’s just to generate monthly income which will give me a certain degree of financial freedom. Amazon is a great way to do such.

Once I have a cashflow I can look into a real business and investment. For this I’ve to answer the following questions.

Who is your ideal customer/ target market? What are the problems of your target market? How can you solve those?

If you have figured this out you can create a product around it and start solving your customers problems.

If successful, build a tribe. Delivery best service, best quality. Scale the business.

In case you want to opt-out of the business on one point, have an exit plan.

Next to all this I will keep writing this blog and run my podcast. Both are great ways to express myself and network with inspiring personalities.

What I love about blogging, though I haven’t been on top if it over the last year, is that I can go back and see my thoughts and ideas and than see the results.

Just look what I’ve been talking about in December 2014, just a month before I started the non-profit project. I had no clue what was about to come. I just knew I wanted to do something.

Life changes quick. Just be ready for it.

It all starts by opening yourself up and believe that everything is possible. Opportunities are infinite. It’s just about how receptive your mind is towards them.

Feel free to ask me anything in the comments.

Till next time,


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