TTE 002: Network in China, Business and Lifestyle Opportunities, Gracie Jiu Jitsu in Dali with Russell Smith

Todays guest is Russell Smith. 7 years ago he took his life in his own hands and left the rat race in England. He is a location independent entrepreneur with several business, mainly in and around china.

We are taking about the immense opportunities in china, the headaches that come with it. The importance of networking in China and how to do it. How China tried to blow him up when the factory in Tiangen exploded. The beautiful lifestyle in Dali with it’s huge potential to become the next digital nomad spot. Jiu Jitsu training and one of his greatest passions which is Tea.

Show Notes

  • 4:00 What’s your story
  • 9:00 How to start networking In China.
  • 10:30 Chinese language barrier. Translators for factories. No need for international trade shows
  • 11:30 Dealing with chinese culture. How rewarding is it really? Financially, Lifestyle? Opportunity is huge
  • Headache is equally huge. Rollercoaster. Huge lows, Confusion.
  • 14:00 Chinese mindset. Not straight forward.
  • 19:00 Lifestyle in China. Where have you been living?
  • 21:00 Living in Dali. Passion about Tea. Tea comes from chinese medicine. Medicinal herbs.
  • 24:00 Using tea to be mindful. Taking time off
  • 26:00 Process of tea.
  • 29:00 The Dog in the background. Our home. Rooftop view on 4000m mountain.
  • 32:00 How I ended up in Dali China
  • 34:00 Tiangen explosion. Russel lived 900m next to it. China tried to blow me up.
  • 44:00 Jiu Jitsu, How did you get me into this


Russel’s HK Business: RS Marketing Ltd.


This Episode is brought to you by the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Immersion China. 

Gracie Jiu Jitsu is a selfdefense martial arts focused on street fight situations. Certified by the Gracie Academy it is the first school of it’s kind in China. It’s immersion program with 2 to 3 daily training sessions offers the unique opportunity to learn 36 basic self-defense techniques within a few weeks time. No matter what situation you are facing, the goal is survival. If you get attacked and have the chance to run away, do it. If not, you better prepared. With Gracie Jiu Jitsu it doesn’t matter how strong, heavy or tall the attacking person might be. All that matters is technique, leverage and timing and I you WILL be able to defend yourself.

I personally trained with them and I will never look back. It is an investment in yourself. A valuable skill that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

The school is nested in the ancient lakeside town of Dali in southwest China. With it’s snow capped mountains, spring like climate, tea plantations, temples and the touristic ancient old town it offers an incredible lifestyle mix between nature and buzzing nightlife.

For less than 1000$ per month you’ll get 2-3 daily Jiu Jitsu training classes, daily rooftop yoga, comfortable accommodation, great food and chinese language classes while living in one of the most beautiful parts of China.

For more information got to

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